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Users guide version 0.2 code name "reloaded"

09/18/2009 01:16 PM

These patches allow you to communicate over the network to a Lanbox. The bridge to it is the OSC2lanbox program. Then, any OSC-speaking program can remotely control the lanbox through it. At the moment, we only have the matrix in matrix patch, the one that helps move a shadow over the stage, which accepts any OSC input, for instance from the joystick2midiAndOSC patch.

Documentation technique

Software installation (all versions)

09/17/2009 07:07 PM

PureData installation

Browse to and pickup the Pd-extended installer that fits to your system. The actual stable and therefore recommended version is the 0.41.4 (as of November 2009)

Once this is done, go to and have a close look at the Startup & Path sections. In a few snapshots, it explain how to extend the functionalities of Pd by way of specifying what libraries should load at startup and in which folders to look for files.

Schematics of a matrix controlling system (v0.2)

11/24/2009 12:28 PM


setting the master

There is a master fader which allows you to work at lower levels.


When the master fader has been set to 127, the matrix cells which value has been set to the maximum (255) will output only 127 as a DMX value. By the way, it can be useful if you want to live rescale your output according to any MIDI device.