Moving last year's code

Added by Heinry, Olivier about 10 years ago

You will now find them under

they will appear one by one as I really feel like checking them out and documenting setup as well as usage carefully before releasing them,

Micro Gangplank session in Club Ausland, Berlin (1 comment)

Added by Heinry, Olivier about 10 years ago

One year later, some of us (Rut, Olivier, Maika, in some way Bruno and Florian as well) had the opportunity to meet again in Berlin, as well as to incorporate new heads (Dragana from Skopje, Conrad from Club Ausland, Kimberly from Hamburg).

We're working on writing a new application for the Pact Zollverein 2011 residency program, as well as working on the communication tools we shall use for the next sessions.


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